I’m a terrible blogger

Hey look! A blog post from me! Don’t choke now. I know it’s pretty stunning.

I have a confession to make. 

I’m a terrible blogger.

I’m always thinking about blogging, and I’m always thinking about what I can blog about. But yet, here my blog sits unattended. Yes, I know all of the wonderful things blogging can bring me. And how hard is it really? It’s just a few words a couple of times a week. Apparently, it is hard for me! Months pass between posts. I’m a very bad girl.

But I’ve got an idea now! You may not know this about me, though I think I have posted it before, but I’m a Creative Writing – Fiction major. This term, I’m actually taking a writing class! I’m not taking some general requirement history, literature, science, technology stupid thing. No, it’s an actual writing class. So, I’m thinking maybe I’ll start posting some of the (very) short stories here that I’ve been writing in the class and maybe every now and then, something else as well. 

I’m not sure that my terrible blogger status will improve, quite frankly, as every minute of my day is claimed, but know this. I have the best of intentions! Yeah, yeah, I know. Where have good intentions ever gotten anyone?