Two Posts in One Day? Who is this Alien?

To keep the blog or not to keep the blog? That is my question. I don’t maintain it as much as I probably should. It would definitely work better for me if I updated with more frequency, but I’m stumped by the common dilemma, “What do I blog about?” Though I’m a writer, I’m not an expert in the craft. I’ve spent many hours learning about it and continue to do so, but I wouldn’t tell you how to do it.

The trend I’ve been noticing with authors is that they have been using their Facebook pages as their blog. This seems to work out well for them and I think that has a lot of merit. The things I’ve chosen to write about on this blog have been things that are important to me and that my characters would find important, which will make more sense to you when you meet them.

I am constantly thinking about what to write about, but not all that inspired to do it. My sister recommended a Tumbler account since it’s slightly longer than a tweet and I do tweet with frequency.

I suppose it remains to be seen. Navigating the vast borg of social media and figuring what works best for you takes time, so we’ll see where I land.


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